I used to live without caring. Except for the usual "oh it's unfaaaiiir!" when watching the news on tv. But I didn't do anything.
And a few years ago I started practicing yoga.

Now I'm training to be a yoga teacher, and I've come to realize an important thing: everything and everyone is connected. Whatever we do, even on a small scale, has consequences. They can be good, they can be bad.

So I am choosing now to do something. I am not a multimillionaire (*sigh*), I don't have a lot of means, but I am lucky enough to live in a part of the world where I have easy access to technology. Which is far from being the case for everyone.

I have easy access to food, I had and still have easy access to education, I have easy access to the internet, I have easy access to people. Some people don't have any of this. And other people are trying their best to help them.
What I want to do with this site is helping people help other people, so let's turn the lights on and share!

I hope you enjoy what you read. If anything resonates with you and touches you, please reach out. If you know anybody or any charity that might need some help and publicity, please reach out. Contact me, drop me a line by mail, on Twitter, on Facebook, whatever you prefer. Even if you think it is a small act, please do not hesitate. No act is small when it comes to generosity.